September 25 & 26, 2021
10am - 5pm

137 N Main St., Naples, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

We respectfully request you leave your dog at home unless it is necessary for your guidance in maneuvering around the festival. The sidewalks are crowded and your dog is likely to get bumped into, stepped on scared, and very uncomfortable. In addition, some others might bring a dog that is not as well behaved as yours and they could get bitten or in a fight. You canít leave them in a hot car either. As a dog lover I would never subject my animals to the crowds at the festival. We encourage you to leave your doggie at home.
We can put you in touch with our authorized official vendors to resolve problems. However if you bought from someone in the village not located on the official grounds of Memorial Town Hall and the Naples Central School driveway we have no idea who they are or where they came from. If someone is selling something from the trunk of their car then buyer beware!
I am sorry but we have strict conditions placed upon us by the village and the town of Naples that prohibit children in the craft beverage area.
We have special passes for designated drivers and non drinkers. You may go in free of charge if you are 21+ and your wrist band will show the vendors you are not allowed to partake of the sampling. You may still buy wine by the bottle as a designated driver as you are not allowed to open bottles of wine on Town or School property.
We are pleased to provide a wine valet stand at the exit to the Brahm Moore craft beverage garden. Come back and pick up your purchase of alcoholic beverages when you are ready to leave. No need to reenter the garden, just go straight to the exit booth and show your ticket to receive your purchases.
These commercial companies are sponsors who pay a higher fee than the crafters and artists in order to represent their product at the festival. They are not allowed to sell anything out of the booth, but instead are there to take appointments, generate interest, demonstrate their product and give out literature. The festival would not be financially viable without the revenue we receive from our sponsors so please take a look at what they are representing at the event.
At the corner of Lake Niagara Lane and Main Street you can turn in and see the official Grape Festival parking for $5.00 If you use our parking you will receive a coupon for discounted admission into the Brahm Moore Craft Beverage Garden on the official grounds.
We have portables at both the High School and the Memorial Town Hall grounds at the back of the area. These are serviced throughout the day by the provider to ensure they are stocked and clean.
Yes, it runs both days. You may pick it up at the parking lot and they will drop you off at the corner of Academy St. and Main St. about 100 yards from the official grounds.
Unless they were on the official grounds I am afraid you have no recourse.
Unfortunately, no. Memorial Town Hall has not been open to the public for many years. Access to it is reserved for police, staff and volunteers.
Behind Memorial Town Hall
There are a couple on site and some in the village. Most vendors will take a credit card and we also take credit cards at the Brahm-Moore Craft Beverage Garden. If you think you will need some cash, we recommend you get it on the way into the festival before you arrive. Getting around town during the festival is impossible by car so you will need to walk to the nearest ATM if the ones on the grounds run out of cash or stop working.
The Naples Rotary and the Naples Historical Society proudly put on the festival on the official grounds. All proceeds after expenses are returned to Rotary and Historical Society and in turn they keep those funds local to help fund all types of community programs. When choosing where to eat, or purchase items for sale we ask that you give the folks on the official grounds your business because it will in turn benefit the community.

Grape Festival Corporate Sponsors

Associate Your Business with the Best!

Become a sponsor of the Naples Grape Festival and use the exposure we receive as the 2 time winner of the Best Festival in the Finger Lakes as determined by the readers of the Finger Lakes Times to get your message to 1000's of visitors in our beautiful Naples New York valley. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

The Naples Grape Festival is Proudly Presented by the Naples Rotary Club & the Naples Historical Society

All proceeds after expenses from the official vendor booth fees and the Brahm-Moore Craft Beverage Garden are donated to these two fine organizations. They are instrumental in funding a variety of programs in our community and in our schools so your dollar does a lot of good for a lot of people.