September 27th & 28th 2014

Music at the Naples Grape Festival

Every year, the Naples Grape Festival selection committee listens to local and regional musical artists and bands searching for the right blend of rock, blues, jazz and original music to get your feet tapping and your heart singing.



Miche Fambro

2013 Music Features

Saturday, Sept 28th, 2013

  • 11:00 am - 12:45 pm Miche Fambro
    Links: ReverbNation & Facebook

    Miché Fambro is known by many different people for many different things. Some know him as the dynamic band leader of one of Upstate NY's most popular bands years ago. Others know him as an extraordinary guitarist/vocalist singer-songwriter touring through their small town ("Why are you here??"), performing with the energy and sound of a full band on his single instrument. And, still others recognize him as a jazz crooner, lending his fluid voice to beloved classics. His grandfather, a Vaudeville "hoofer," knew him as the boy who wouldn't listen, and chose to shape his life around music/entertainment despite the experienced advice of his elders. Today, Miche skillfully plays solo, as well as with a band. (solo at the Grapefest) He plays a wide variety of styles including  jazz, pop, folk, Latin and R & B, with his unique percussive rhythms built in. While there are a number of "guitar greats" to choose from in this world, as well as plenty of vocalists filling the stages, it is a rare performer who combines both. Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Miché, "...a quiet storm," and his shows combine that intensity with a playful, spontaneity peppered with humorous relates.





    Pale Green Stars


  • 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm Pale Green Stars
    Links: ReverbNation & Facebook

    The Pale Green Stars (Syracuse, NY) are the kind of band that spans time. Their songs sound familiar yet you've never heard them before. The dynamic appeal of this trio is not a mystery though. They are a really good American rock band with great songs combining Americana and Rock n' Roll. Gritty vocals with slanderous guitars draw scenes of swampy back beats and deep American blues. When asked about their influences, one member says Led Zeppelin, and another says Johnny Cash. Combine the honky-tonk influence with heavier rock, and you have the Pale Green Stars. They’re edgy as the Grand Canyon, sure to please, and sure to rock the Naples Grape Festival. The Pale Green Stars are Jeff Jones on guitar, Brian Coyne on bass guitar & vocals, and
    Jeff Tripoli on drums & vocals.





    Clinton’s Ditch

  • 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Clinton’s Ditch
    Links: ReverbNation Facebook

    Clinton’s Ditch is a six-piece progressive Americana act from Rochester, NY. The bands’ name pays homage to the Erie Canal, which passed through their home town and helped to spur the growth of the Mid-West. Clinton’s Ditch is driven by two singer-songwriters backed by four good friends. Joe Burge plays the electric guitar and sings his original compositions while Sean O’Connor plays the 5-string banjo and sings his original songs. Together with Chris Platania (Acoustic Guitar/Vocals), Ben Pero (Upright Bass), and Max Snajder (Percussion/Harmonica/Vocals), and Ben Collins (Drums), the band turns out a deep, churning sound that may be best described as Outlaw-Western Roots-Rock. Their thoughtful lyrics, full harmonies, and interwoven rhythmic layers have captivated audiences from all walks of life. Clinton’s Ditch continues to add to their long list of original material as they push the boundaries of Americana music and open up new musical frontiers.

Sunday, Sept 29th, 2013



Doolin’ O Dey

  • 11:30 am - 12:45 pm Doolin’ O Dey
    Link: Facebook

    Doolin O’Dey is noted for its sounds of traditional and original Celtic tunes. The band is composed of Ceili Murphy, Jerry Drumheller and Nora Star. Ceili is from a background in Cabaret and Celtic music. She played in assorted bands in New York City before moving to the Southern Tier. She brings her lilting Celtic whistles and keyboard to the band. Jerry played violin for 20 years in the Greece, N.Y. symphony orchestra. He moved to the Southern Tier and discovered Celtic and contra-dance music, and has been hooked ever since. Nora has been involved in music for 15 years, working concerts and scheduling festivals. She plays guitar and mandolin. Her motto: “have some foot stomping fun”. All three have united their talents to provide some of the best Gaelic traditional tunes in the Finger Lakes and beyond.





    Turnip Stampede

  • 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm Turnip Stampede
    Links: ReverbNation & Facebook

    Turnip Stampede hails from Syracuse, NY. They are a funky, jammy, jazzy grizzzzzly band spreading love, positivity, and truth wherever they go. Because of their improvisational nature, every show is a new, fresh experience. The Turnip boys always manage to kick out their jams with never-ending originality. Fundamentally, Turnip Stampede is about having fun and promoting the creativity which feeds their appetite for organic jamming. The band consists of John McConnell on rhythm guitar/vocals, Max McKee on bass/vocals, Adam Fisher on lead guitar/ vocals, and Kinyatta King on the drums. The four come together to form an idiosyncratic mixture which combines everything from jazz, funk, blues, and rock. Their uplifting atmosphere of sound is sure to move the mind and body. Close your eyes and listen as the Turnip creates a beautiful tapestry in your mind. A stampede for the senses!





    Rythm Dogs

  • 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Rhythm Dogs
    Link: Facebook

    If you were around in the early 1970s,you may have been lucky enough to have witnessed the development of a new sub genre of American music that has been referred to as "Upstate NY Funk". A gritty hot analog combination of soul and blues combined with dangerously good instrumental work, along with Motown inspired vocal harmonies. Players from Woodstock via NYC combined skills with the best musicians from Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Ithaca. Bands and individuals like Orleans, The Fabulous Rhinestones, Hot Sweets with Oliver Wiggins. Cal David, John Hall, and stalwarts like Harvey Brooks packed smoke filled college bars like the Red Creek in Rochester NY and the Salty Dog in Ithaca. Like the last remaining speakers of a rare indigenous language, the Rhythm Dogs have picked up the torch and captured the heart and soul of the Upstate Funk sound. The Rhythm Dogs are Rob Erb on guitar, Paul "Jr." Spezio on keyboards & saxes, Tony Castronova on Guitar & Vocals, Pat McNinch on bass guitar & vocals, and Jeff Hobbs on drums & vocals.

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The Naples Grape Festival is a venue reserved for original singer/songwriter acts of all genres.

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